Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Her Satisfashion.

I accept any sponsorship / advertisement offers, collaborations etc. 
Both small & large business that is appealing to fashionable young ladies are welcome to apply for sponsorship! However, I can only work with businesses that is related to my blog content and interests. There are some options sponsors must keep in mind if you're interested in advertising or sponsoring my blog..

1. Sponsored Item
Sponsors may choose to send me their product(s) or I can choose the item myself. You can either submit a product for review, sponsor a giveaway, or items to be showcased in present outfit posts. You must send a full size product to be considered for a review. I will then wear the piece as part of my daily outfit posts and link them to the sponsor's own webpage in the outfit details section. Note that all product(s) sent to me will not be returned after I review them.

2. Dedicated Posts 
Some sponsors may be wanting more spotlight of their brand in blog posts. So, the sponsor's brand and products will be reviewed furthermore in details, bringing a more focused attention to the readers. Charges apply so contact me for the rates.

3. Sidebar Ads
Notice that sidebar ads are also available for sponsors. I will review all ads and their sites to ensure they reflect the standards of my fashion forward audience and my own personal style.

Please consider the amount of time I give to work on reviews to get your name out there. For further information please contact me at inquiries.cindyclaribelk@gmail.com

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