Friday, August 18, 2017


Red roses and white lies, lit up something inside of me I had thought long dead. Remember watching those 80s oldie romantic movies back in the days? This photoshoot we did reminds me of one of those scenes where a girl or a boy would stroll in a field full of flowers... Petals unfurl from a delicate flower, closer to picked with each passing hour, losing the I and gaining an our. Love me, love me not. I think we ran out of petals?

Apologize for the lack of posts on the blog, been a busy bee lately. Nevertheless, crossing fingers to consistency. Not to brag but this would be one of those photoshoots I put much effort into in such a long time, speaking of which had to legitimately went to a flower shop and surprise, it was my first experience, not bad for a first timer. Photo credits to Abraham Halim who's always down into any crazy or silly photoshoot ideas I had in mind. Laced up from head to toe in Victoria's Secret, black on black - always good to go.

Outfit - Victoria's Secret

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