Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Arabian Heat

A message in a bottle. No one truly knows who they are. The glass bottle does not know its own contents. It has no idea whether it is a vessel for the most delicious apple cider, a lovingly crafted wine, or a bitter poison. People are the same. Yet like the bottle, we are transparent. We can't see ourselves the way others see us. Have you ever felt so stressed out you just need a little glimpse of escape from reality? I guess I'm in that phase in life. Trying to find myself in a world full of terrifying delusions. It's like waiting for a bottle floating out at sea, one that contains a very important message. It may never reach its recipient, but as long as there is someone waiting, it will always have purpose. What I'm trying to say here, where will all of this take me? 

I always believe in this phrase "Everything happens for a reason." but don't you sometimes wish you know what the reason was? As time passes by I realized a lot of things in life, both the good(s) that made me a better person and the bad(s) that made me think twice. What goes around comes back around, am I right? 

Same old same old, if you follow me on my social media this might not be something new. I always post a photo right after I published a new archive and announced that it's finally up on the blog. Most of you DM-ed me and emailed how inspiring and thoughtful it was to share my own experiences and well should I say, things I wanted to say but never did? It made my day to hear such positive responses, the fact that this is a fashion blog platform does not always mean you can't share a lil' something that goes into your mind at all hours of the day... So, thank you eventhough I ditch blogging for about 2 years - never knew that words can be so powerful for other people around me. It's funny, don't you think? When it's hard to say the things tumbling on a mind but it just seems way easier to write it all down, for me that is. I guess I found my little glimpse of escape from reality I was talking about earlier. Bittersweet.

Make up on set by my talented friend, Fei and photo credits to Abraham Halim.

Top & Pants - Retro
Earrings - Accessorize
Love Bracelet - Cartier 
Outerwear - Pull & Bear

Monday, July 17, 2017

Plot Twist

Turn your favourite love song on, or a playlist will do. Why? Just to seize the moment, can't hurt anybody right? First and foremost, let me tell you a story about a girl, who have acrophobia. "Acrophobia (from the Greek: ἄκρονákron, meaning "peak, summit, edge" and φόβος, phóbos, "fear") is an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights, especially when one is not particularly high up." Hoping that she can cross that fear factor off the list one day when she knew that she had always adore sceneries from a skyscraper, call her tumbling on the edge of a cliff because sometimes she'll scream out loud about love but gets cold as ice the next day on, there might be so many books in the library but you will still can't read her mind. Say it a plot twist. She's the type who's afraid of heights but little did she know - she is more afraid of never flying. Yeah, you got that right; the girl I was talking about is me. Well, I'm not going to blab about my so-called-phobia at this moment it's about another fear in particular..

In the wake of a denial, have you ever had a love interest? I bet all of us did, or maybe are now? Taking a moment back to the 17th century, where it all began - the famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer who inspired this shoot we did and you'll be seeing in a little while... This painting was translated into movies and various novel series, she was the family maid's assistant, Griet who then became Vermeer's soulmate. Those 3 simple words in fictional movies / novels has 2 meanings and there's only one thing on one's mind. Love requires some falling but what if she's afraid of heights? Sorry, I'm just so interested into history of paintings or anything art related which some people might find it boring. Oh and if you ask me, what's the perfect date place ever? My answer might be shocking, it's an art museum. Sharing thoughts tumbling in a bubbly mind and convoluted conversations attracts me into a whole new level instead of gossiping around - and just maybe having a chit chat of absolute nonsense at the most hype cafe in town, you get me? 

Makeup on set by my talented friend, Fei and photo credits to Abraham Halim. 

This shoot was done at the end of June, before my 2 weeks holiday and since I'm back on my working days - I got time to blog after office hours. What a relieve! Explained how tropical the outfit is since this archive was supposed to be publish during those long summer holidays but to think of it again - it's always hot and humid here in Indonesia. So, good news and for the readers who's going through a much more cold weather now - maybe try this look next time? 

Dolled up in this set of outer wear and pants from Dolce & Gabbana which compliments really well with the bandana I'm wearing. Decided to pair it up with a plain black top to add color dimensions. All time favourite heels is from Gucci, not so friendly since it hurts like hell but pretty hurts right?

Bandana - Zara
Earrings - Lovisa
High heels - Gucci
Black top - Forever 21

Top & Pants - Dolce & Gabbana