Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who's That Chick?

First post of 2017. It's relatively sad yet very amusing how these years have passed by so quickly. I've just graduated from my diploma year in Fashion Design at Raffles Design Institute - Singapore, in case some of you're wondering that is and that was exactly last year, 2016 on a December night. Yes, we spent most of the night just like how fresh-graduates did, poppin' champagne bottles and pourin' wine to end the miraculously long day, to end my 2 years of college life. One of the reasons why I *quit* blogging for awhile, those never ending assignments and projects never amused me. I remembered staying up late and to top it all of - no sleep for 2 days, crazy huh? I know some of you can totally relate to this. They say it's a very lucky opportunity being a design student, you got to do the things you enjoy doing. Well, that's true but on the other hand very tiring as well - believe me. No regrets just lesson learned, I totally enjoyed nevertheless what I'd been through the thick and thin and would never take it for granted or trade it for anything else.

Oh anyway, good news. Since, I've finally graduated and currently on the "work" stages in life. I can say that I got time for stuffs I would always like to do or experience but never did. In this case, love never had a space in my book of life - Well, should I give it a try? If you know me, I'm that adventurous happy-go-lucky kind of girl, anything that doesn't require heights (of course). Moreover, I've been more active on Instagram lately but the feelings and vibes are just not the same like how blog is. Specifically on blogging, I can finally pour my heart out and write again. It's like a personal yet very public stress-relieve therapy, to write - to share - to inspire, perhaps?

Enough for the long and boring introduction, most of my friends are still in college. Okay, not most but precisely all of them and yes for your information I just turned 19 this year. These pictures were taken by my talented friend Abraham Halim. It was for his final project at college, we were video shooting but ended up taking some random shots too. Couldn't resist, can't waste a good outfit right?

Who's that chick? The classic leather jacket never fails, paired it up with a plaid old skirt to live it up the notch. Reminded me of that 70's rocker vibes. Don't you agree?

"The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women, but to pleasing men. Men are like bulls you see, they cannot resist the red sole." -Christian Louboutin

Bringing retro cool back vibes in this eyewear I'm chanelling from Zara. Truth to be told, it never go out of style.

Plaid skirt - Zara
Sunglasses - Zara
Black choker - Lovisa
Bralette - Stradivarius
Leather jacket - Bershka
Gladiator heels - Christian Louboutin

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