Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rodeo Ready

Reminiscing the past, reminds me of how much I love to play dress up. Remember one of those days? People would always ask you "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" My answer was plain old simple, not knowing how complicated it's going to be. The innocent side of me said "I wanna be a doctor one day and save people's lives the other side of me said "How about a pilot so I can travel all around the world regardless of my fear of heights?" Painter? Since I love art and how that it doesn't only tell stories but also evoke feelings. But then why must I choose when two is better than one? Call me a weirdo but I like to question myself since I was a little girl until now at all hours of the day - maybe it's just a habit of mine, "What if, why, when and how?" I believe talking to yourself makes you a much more happier person (at least that's what I did to solve my problems in life) and well, smarter. It's funny how we, human beings took things for granted. Now that I'm mature enough to settle things on my own, I wish I'm a kid again who always thought that I know it all - well, sometimes. You get me?

As time passes by, I see the world and value different things in life. I have trust issues, not because someone betrayed me in the past but just because I'm that typical who listens more rather than speak - if this doesn't make total sense, read carefully. Maybe, listening too much of my friend's stories about how cruel some people could be terrified me in the fact that I don't ever wanna be in that position of feeling betrayed(?) Okay, maybe only "a pea in a pot" kind of problem back then, no big deal. Spooky but I analyzed people based on first impressions, don't get me wrong but what you seemed is usually what you get. Have more than you show, speak less than you know. So, did I just literally wrote long sentences of life complaints? Just imagine how beautiful life could be to share happiness, sadness and weirdness all at the same time & I'm just glad and feeling blessed to be surrounded by positive minded people around me. Like what they say, b* don't kill my vibe.

Back to the main topic, never knew that "playing" turns to "passion" - let's dress up! This may sound bad but I like to collect clothing that I have no idea where and when to wear them. Believe not, if you're a girl I bet I'm not the only one. "Just in case" yeah that's what I kept telling myself too. I always love bohemian style, fringes - tassels they're just stylish in their own way. In my hometown, you can't necessarily be seen going out with these kind of essentials on, unless you want to be called quirky that is. So, I was really happy when there's this country rock music event going on recently - turns out those "just in case" works just like a spark. What do you think? Keep scrolling down. 


It wasn't my first time being in this kind of event, if you follow me on my Instagram before you'll see one or two posts about it. Sometimes I'm channelling a rather more "fun", "feminine" side of bohemian style or the other way around - just simple monochrome. People really do dress up in this kind of event, didn't bring my cowboy hat along with me this time around - mainstream but yes it's the most essential part of a rodeo event. Vintage feels, going for brown hues since that's what it's identical with.

Had this bag as long as I can remember. Swarovski embellished bag by a London based designer. Anyway, do you believe that old is gold? Because I do.

Top - Zara
Bag - Swarovski
Pants - Miss Selfridge
Fringe vest - H&M x Coachella
Suede boots - Stuart Weitzman

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