Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mystic Ways

Bali, baby! You know that it's like your second home when your fingers can't even count or cope with that. Just for your information, Bali is famous for their mouth-watering delicacies and stunning sceneries. Call it paradise. It's the perfect place to increase your weight scale - which in this case is apparently a bad idea for me. Anyway, I'm planning to hit back the gym and start my diet meal routine after these trips, crossing fingers... Back to the main topic, do you believe in mystical creatures or stories? Balinese people have a strong belief for it and the "famous character" is called Barong, it is a lion-like creature in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda, the demon queen and mother of all spirit guarders in the mythological traditions of Bali. The battle between Barong and Rangda is featured in Barong dance to represent the eternal battle between good and evil. A tour guide once told me this philosophy and I find it quite interesting to know the history of a place before you're actually going there, don't you think so?

Enough for the long and boring introduction, who says you can't rock a $3 shirt? If you compare it to the others, Indonesia can be count as in the country with lowest rates. So, "cheap" is normal and you can literally find this shirt anywhere here - quality wise, no need to question that you know the answer, right? I was strolling around the streets of Bali and even though I worn this kind of shirt for photo purposes during my visit here before.. Tie-dye always caught my eye, when I was still in college I remembered that my first class I had to attend to was "Introduction to Textiles" here we got to learn where it is originated, how it's made, it's best usage and most importantly textile development in Fashion Design. One of those thousand tasks, we learned to make our own tie-dye shirt and I fell in love with the method on that moment on, just because I can experiment on different colors and knotting those intricate patterns just the way I want to perfection. You should try it sometimes, it's fun!


On my last day at Bali, all of my family and I decided to be "extra" and match our outfits in the tie-dye barong shirt. Kinda lame, "it's not into the trend nowadays" or whatsoever you want to say but I'm just joining their excitement. All of us had our own different color choices, I like something more vibrant especially when I'm in a holiday mood so I went for red. As always, photo purposes but we all ended up not taking any pictures together and mind our own business, too bad huh?


Trademark flower of Bali, the Cambodia.

Took these pictures just right at our hotel lobby before going out for a quick lunch. Going for the extra mile, not the usual accessories that I would normally wear but occasionally for pictures - I don't mind. Red on red, I'm so color coordinated when it comes to outfits and of course, Instagram feed. This whole thing of a one theme every 3 pictures drove me insane sometimes but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do...

Sunglasses - Dior 
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Love Bracelet - Cartier
Shirt & Accessories - Bali

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