Saturday, April 2, 2016

C'est La Vie

Reminiscing the past, how things were and should have been. Don't blame me for being imaginative and delusional as you can see...I'm a Pisces girl. Talking about zodiac, my birthday just passed a few months ago, exactly on the 20th of February. It was a really hectic week for my college days so I never had the chance to go back to my hometown regards of celebrating, but in return I celebrated it with my friends and family in this wonderful dinner place called P.S. Cafe at Dempsey Hill, Singapore.  Anyways, back to the main topic, these photos were taken by Kezia Adina. I discovered her from my Instagram feed as I was scrolling down and thought of giving it a try, turns out the results are marvellous and not disappointing. She's very talented and kind some more!

C'est La Vie means that's life. Have you been through that ups and downs in life and in some point you just wanna give up everything? Well, I do. Maybe every humanity does. As I grow up, I learned to be an independent woman [ ...I'm only 18 this year though ] might be shocking for most people since I look more mature than my age, as what they say. I find that as a compliment, maybe, nevertheless I strive to think more about the future than just what it is at the moment. I'm working on something and I can't wait to show you readers soon on the blog. Crossing fingers. Because, if not now, when?

Dress - Zara
Rings - Lovisa
Bracelet - Valentino
Neckpiece - Accecorize

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