Saturday, August 29, 2015

Headlines Hairdressing

So, as most of you might know I ombré-d my hair to turquoise and blue tones the other day and I love them to bits thanks to Headlines Hairdressing. Since the colour fades and I was quite bored, went to visit them and thought of getting a change... Keep scrolling down if you're curious of my hair transformation!

Yup, I'm back with the blonde hair tones now with a much more fresh highlight. Yay or nay?

They took care of your hair well and for example they also did the Mucota Scena Hair Treatment to me to get rid of those split edges of your hair and to make it even more smooth and shiny!

The enjoyable time of doing this hair sponsorship with them never disappoints, simply they're the hair expert when it comes to this kind of stuffs, can't deny it...

Finally a picture with Nic Ling, senior stylist from Headlines Hair Dressing. Thank you so much for the service, I had an enjoyable time there. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don't forget to quote my name, "Cindy Claribel Kalim" for a 15% discount off! Call now to make a reservation or simply check out their website for furthermore details 

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It was a hot and sunny day in Singapore, as always, so excuse me for wearing sunnies all the time! This pictures was taken at Marina Bay just before we went to the art science museum to see "The Deep" exhibition which tells about the living creatures under the sea. I had a really great time there, the exhibitions in Marina Bay Sands never disappoints anybody.

I am wearing sabrina monochrome top from Pull & Bear and paired it up with a puffy skirt from Zara. Carrying the ultimate croco black purse you guys have been seeing me in lots of my past outfit pictures because I simply found it very handy. Keep scrolling down to find out more!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

Skirt - Zara
Sabrina top - Pull & Bear
Sunglasses - Blanc & Eclare

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Secret Garden

Little that I know, I've mostly spent my weekends looking for awesome places in Singapore to take outfit pictures and to say the truth my visit to the Singapore Botanic Garden was the best one so far. Despite the fresh air and calming sounds, their scenery never disappoints me even when I have to walk a lot the other day. This botanic garden is located at 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore and imagine walking all the way from there to Orchard Rd is very tiring. Spent about 4 hours or so walking and taking pictures all day long. Worth the every sweat but still, it's not the right day to wear high heels though!


I am wearing AIRism black top from Uniqlo, I love how it's lightweight and it can sits nicely to your body than the other tops that I have. Paired it up with this gorgeous floral skirt I've been looking for quite a long time the other day from 8 Degrees. Glad that I found it though cause' they only got one piece! Must be lucky...



Some people may ask me, "Why do you take outfit pictures a lot? Isn't it tiring?" Well, even when I'm tired walking, taking pictures now and then, it is really worthed cause' I had a great experience! Never thought that exploring Singapore can be a so much fun especially when I went there with my best friend (sounds cheesy, but whatever). I realize the beauty of Singapore than ever before and my perception of Singapore for being a small country is no longer in my head anymore...


Thanks for stopping by my blog, visit Singapore Botanic Garden and you will never regret!

Skirt - 8 Degrees
Top - Uniqlo AIRism
Clutch - WLS Official
High heels - Valentino
Sunglasses - Blanc & Eclare

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sea Breeze

Thank God It's Friday! Who else is feeling the vibe like the way I do? Eager to share more about my visit the other day to Siloso Beach located at Sentosa Island. Keep scrolling down to find out more!

I am wearing current favourite jumpsuit from Forever 21, very light and perfect to go to the beach!

It was a really nice experience, ocean-listening to the waves crashing when you're strolling around with that hint of salt in the air. Don't you think?

Sandals - Aldo
Sunglasses - Rayban
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Clutch - WLS Official

Monday, August 17, 2015

Crispy Blues

It was just a hot slash sunny day and I'm pretty much head to toe channelling the shades of blue. Since I recently changed my hair colour into turquoise and blue-y, most of my wardrobe and the way my outfit looks on an every daily basis starts to change as well. Paired the floral oversized shirt from H&M with snapback and sneakers for a sporty kind of style. Keep scrolling down to find out more!


If you guys are wondering where this is, it's a bridge right in front of Mica Building near the streets of Clarke Quay. Well, I'm pretty glad that exploring Singapore can be a so much fun and taking pictures are actually why I enjoyed them so much. 


Bag - Prada
Bracelet - Lovisa
Sneakers - Adidas
Snapback - New Era
Oversized shirt - H&M
Shades - Blanc & Eclare

Friday, August 14, 2015

Madly Red

Strolling around Sentosa area and decided to take some outfit pictures since it's still daylight and the weather was also nice. I'm channelling the red cape blazer and selina mesh bustier from Inovashion store on Instagram. Good quality and very perfect for a fancy dinner likely kind of outfit, check them out!


Croco black purse from WLS Official, I must say that it does come in handy in my every daily basis because it is very easy to mix and match or just play around with my outfit. 

Thanks for stopping by and see you guys next on my upcoming blog posts!

Slit skirt - Zara
Red cape blazer - Inovashion
Selina mesh bustier - Inovashion
Croco black purse - WLS Official