Monday, August 17, 2015

Crispy Blues

It was just a hot slash sunny day and I'm pretty much head to toe channelling the shades of blue. Since I recently changed my hair colour into turquoise and blue-y, most of my wardrobe and the way my outfit looks on an every daily basis starts to change as well. Paired the floral oversized shirt from H&M with snapback and sneakers for a sporty kind of style. Keep scrolling down to find out more!


If you guys are wondering where this is, it's a bridge right in front of Mica Building near the streets of Clarke Quay. Well, I'm pretty glad that exploring Singapore can be a so much fun and taking pictures are actually why I enjoyed them so much. 


Bag - Prada
Bracelet - Lovisa
Sneakers - Adidas
Snapback - New Era
Oversized shirt - H&M
Shades - Blanc & Eclare

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