Saturday, March 28, 2015

From The Past

Same outfit, different filter, won't do any harm right? So, this photos were taken at Caloria Cafe and even though we're actually "not allowed" to do a photo shoot there, we're still able to sneak out and take some snaps! The b&w effect reminds me of memories from the past. As most of you already know, this one piece top & bottom are from Top Shop. Very comfy to wear for the day or night just because of the textile's quality. One of the main reason is also because I have a thing for floral prints!

Photo credits to Lewi Immanuel and make up by Novie Ong.

Top & Bottom - Top Shop
High heels - Saint Laurent
Armswag - Accecorize x Aldo
Rings - Aldo x Lovisa x Guess

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