Monday, December 22, 2014

Red Nosed Reindeer

Season's Greetings from Her Satisfashion. It's near the most beautiful time of the year and that is the Chrismas time. Are you excited? Because I am! So, for my first Season's Greetings here I give you my inspired Rudolph the red nosed reindeer themed photoshoot. I always adore the Christmas time and how it gives me that great joyful feeling! My early Christmas vibe won't hurt anybody right?

Now, let's talk about my outfit. As it was near Christmas time I was literally searching for warm sweaters and all of those Christmas essentials (Even though it's not even winter here) the purpose was and will almost be the same, to take it out for a photo shoot! I got this checkered printed sweater from Top Shop and of course the inspired Rudolph is all shown on the Christmas socks! Can't barely to not buy this socks since it was so majorly cuteness overload and I guess this is what I really needed for the early Christmas vibe. Yay for Rudolph the red nose raindeer!

Last but not least I would like to thank Studio Adventure for letting me know about this Christmas themed studio that really matches with what I was striving for. Anyway, they are helding a contest #studioadventurexmas photo competition! Search for that hashtag in Instagram and you'll find the terms & conditions. Good luck on whoever joins! So, are you feeling the Christmas vibe like how I do? I hope after seeing this post, you guys can get that sense of it! Don't worry, more is yet to come and just a little tiny hint, it's going to be Christmas vibe all over the place for this December! Make sure to always tuned in because there's still so many surprises yet to come from Her Satisfashion.

Hat - Forever 21
Sweater - Top Shop
Suede shorts - Zara
Rudolph socks - Top Shop

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