Monday, November 17, 2014

Barbie Girl

Hello dolls! Remember when you were a kid and you're so happy to play dress up with your Barbie and wishing someday you can dress up just like it? It's time for a Pink Monday so here I give you the "Barbie" side of me because who says you can't be just like the Barbie doll? There's always a Barbie side in every girl and so I guess here's mine! Dressing up as somewhat a Barbie girl, all pink from head to toe. Even though I'm not that of a big fan with pink girly stuffs, I challenge myself to do this different themed photoshoot and just go for it. Yes, today Barbie is the only muse! 

Well, I know most Barbie have long blonde hair but brown hair would be just fine right? As you can see, I'm striving for different shades of pink colour from hot pink, light pink, magenta and even peach. It's fun how you can be a totally different person and get that feeling just by dressing up!

Moschino Barbie Mirror! This case is like booming everywhere, I mean who doesn't know this fancy piece right? I finally got mine and feeling so happy indeed, it wouldn't be a complete Barbie costume without this thing! This bright-pink silicone iPhone case was built to resemble the trademark
Barbie vanity mirror and thanks to Moschino, they nailed it!

As what they always seemed to say "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Life in plastic it's fantastic!"
See you guys next time in my blog posts peeps, stay tuned.

Top - I.T
Bag - Luella
Pink scarf - Hermes
Skirt - M by Mischa
High heels - Nine West
Artyring - Saint Laurent
iPhone case - Moschino
Collier bracelet - Hermes
Giant bracelet - Balenciaga
Neckpiece - Royale Collier
Barbie necklace - Tiffany's Room
Logo stud wrap bracelet - Tory Burch

Friday, November 14, 2014

Coca Cola

As I promise, here you go the second look of the Coca Cola inspired! This look wasn't at all complicated than the first look on "Graffiti Chic" and that's how I love my style to be sometimes. Relaxed, but fun! Keep scrolling down for more details..

Notice the red metallic Coca Cola shirt? To top it all of I won't ever forget to take a little sip of the Coca Cola itself during the photo session, a candid pose won't do any harm right? I love how it suits well all together from head to toe, and I just can't get my eyes off of the bright metallic red colour. Love them to bits! Without any doubt, I cut most of the fabric out of the shirt to make it more of a crop tee since it was annoyingly distracting the houndstooth skirt to puff on. It was a fun thing to do though reminding it was my very first time ever cutting something to perfection!

Well, I should say that finding a match for this lovely shirt is not easy as I had quite a hard time looking through my closet and couldn't decide the one to wear it with. I tried plain white shorts and it looked too simple, then I found another nice black ripped jeans but it's too plain because I was searching for something more exciting and out of the box and so I thought might just played it with a houndstooth printed puffy skirt. Truth to be told, I'm not in a collaboration or any business sponsors with Coca Cola but I'm just feeling fun and enthusiastic as like how the Coke itself makes me feel.

I was very flattered when I found this Coca Cola can purse in an online store because it matches perfectly with the themed photoshoot! Even though this oh-so-awesome red metallic Coca Cola purse can't even fit my iPhone, I think it will become in handy someday.
Thanks for stopping by and tuned in to my next blog posts!

Skirt - MDS
Shirt - Coca Cola
Sunglasses - Chanel
Artyring - Saint Laurent
Rockstud heels - Valentino
Coca Cola purse - Shop Jeen
Rockstud bracelet - Valentino
Double wrap bracelet - Tory Burch

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Graffiti Chic

Hello guys! I'm finally back again in the blog due to the busy schedules. So, this time I finally got my hands on my Coca Cola tees and got the chance to take it out for a photo shoot with me. I decided to do two looks based on the Coca Cola inspired. But today, I will only tell you about the first look!

Introducing you the Joyrich x Coca Cola sweater! Even though it's not a sweater kind of weather here on where I live in, I don't really care and just wear what I want to wear and besides I'm already used to wearing long sleeved sweaters in this particular humid kind of day.

This time I'm striving for something different from any of the styles you've seen before. I decided to pair the sweater with astonishing bright red checkered skirt and my favourite designer bag you guys must have known of before, 3.1 Phillip Lim. What I love about it is that it gives a simple yet stylish design at the same time, it literally goes with all of my outfits! Even though the size is rather small (Well, that's why it's called mini pashli) it is comfortable for your daily activities. So recommended!

It is very unusual for me to wear socks and high heels all together at once, as what I've said before I was striving for something different this time around so this is what I finally came up to. You guys can get this adorable high socks only at Shopaholic Corners via BBM: 7EBECBFE so grab it fast ladies! I was surprise that they sent me this socks at first but then again it matches my outfit and so I was very satisfied. They provide you various colours and kinds of sock as you prefer, so don't worry!

I love the design of this shades and the comfort it gives, perfect for going out on a sunny walk. The design itself is pretty remarkable since it's transparent on the other side. Red and black always goes well together! Hang on there because soon enough I'll will post the second look which is also based on the Coca Cola inspired. Hopefully, the second look will come right at you by tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

Skirt - Zara
Sunglasses - Chanel
Big hat - Stradivarius
Platform heels - Zara
Artyring - Saint Laurent
Socks - Shopaholic Corners
Mini pashli - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Sweater - Joy Rich x Coca Cola

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back to Polkadots

First post of November! Bringing retro cool back to the prints trend is the ever classic and understatedly elegant polka dot blouses. If a fashionista must have absolutely just the one print item in their wardrobe, it has got to be a polka dot blouse. And frankly, I got to say that I'm such a polkadot-maniac, from big dots to small dots you named it!

No, you can never have enough polkadot blouses in your closet. You’re going to need them for your daily wear, dare to mix and match, and be different! One place that you can search for the coolest patterned blouses or even simple ones are at Zalora Blouse Collection with various selections of unique and awesome blouses. It’s time you strut your own blouse and dare to be fun with it in style!

This polka dot blouse has a soft and silky texture and femininity which is contrasted with also a polka-dotted neck collar without looking too much, the sleeves are perfectly embellished and front panels are loose bringing a subtly structure to the printed material and creating a truly simple yet fantastic statement that every girl should have in their closets (if you still have space!)

In love with this polka-dotted jeans and I love it even more when I realise that it is not only on one side but also at the back bringing a more simple yet stylish look all together. Decided to pair it up with a mini pashli by the one and only my all time favourite designer and one of the reasons why I love to collect bags, Philip Lim.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to my upcoming blog posts 

Jeans - I.T
Platform heels - Zara
Polkadot blouse - Lily
Artyring - Saint Laurent
Mini pashli - Phillip Lim
Collier bracelet - Hermes