Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Girl Next Door

Not your typical girl next door. Channelling my girly side on today’s archive even though to be honest, pink isn't my thing but once in a while should just do the trick. I'm wearing this super comfy off shoulder floral dress from Zara, always love a versatile piece that you can pair with anything and absolutely wear in any occasion; call it brunch with your girlfriends, or a date night out probably?

It may not be a suprise for most of you knowing that I’m super color coordinated, call it OCD and eventually through time, it becomes a habit. Playing mix and match, headpiece and choker from Lovisa - a must go to place; guarantee that you will find any accessories just right at this one destination! Believe me.

Find your style. Style your find. Don’t know what to wear for a photo shoot or any upcoming occasions? Playing mix and match becomes in handy with the help of Polyvore. Did you know, anything floral has made it to the top 10 most in-demand trends this month? If you don’t know this exciting news just yet, then you’re absolutely missing out the fun. Get the IOS or Android app to see what else is trending! Feedback, comments or any requests, don't hesitate to contact me through my work mail at the “ Contact ” option above, see you in my next blog posts..

Floral Dress - Zara
Headpiece & Choker - Lovisa

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wandering Star

She walks the earth freely, yet her feet never touch the ground. Many hands will reach for her, but she cannot be anchored. She belong to no one, to nothing, to nowhere. When you meet her, you will recognise her for who she is; a free spirit, a wandering star and she will show you what it’s like to hold something you can never hold onto.” -Lang Leav

If most of you don't know this by now just yet, recently I just launched my own haute-couture brand. Someone asked me on an interview back in my college days, a little throwback wouldn't hurt anybody "What's the best feeling of being a fashion designer?" Simple, seeing what you design from scratch and through those processes comes to life and for today’s archive, I’m wearing one of our pieces. A sophisticated one shoulder gown with ruching details never go out of style, in other words; timeless. For your information, ruching is a French term which means to gather or ruffle to make it look like pleats. Funny story how this used to be one of the fashion design techniques me and my classmates used to hate the most because it's so time consuming and well you need to be really precise and neat while doing it! Turns out hate turns to like, and like turns to love. Anyway, make sure to check out @couturebycck on Instagram, apologize for the lack of posts there since I'm busy working on some other stuffs related, promise to get back on track soon! Crossing fingers.

Reminiscing the past, I remembered my first archive introduction in this blog and that's exactly 3 years ago, cut to the chase; I said “In the future, I would like to take major in fashion design or fashion marketing! It is one of my dream to be a fashion designer, fashion stylish, fashion buyer; anything related to fashion just count me in! Fast-forward more than a decade, fashion and I are inextricably interconnected so to top it all off I am going to pursue it by making a fashion blog first and hoping that I can make my own brand one day. You can call me the girl with big dreams...” Hey, look at me now. Another bucketlist checked? Doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with where I am at this point, it’s just a beginning of a new chapter, a new adventure. The best view comes after the hardest climb, am I right? I’ve seen a lot of people starting up their own business, their own brand. They say it’s easy peasy, just make a trademark logo, social media platform of it’s own, merchantable product in the global market and bon app├ętit! In this modern life, everything intricate seems “achievable” but consistency on keeping it interesting are what I feel matters the most. Just a random thought though, there are no rules in life. You don’t get “special points” for achieving things by a deadline. It will work in it’s own time, just go at your own pace, your own speed. It’s not a race. Don’t you agree?

Gown - Couture by CCK

Friday, September 1, 2017

Viva Havana

I love pieces in my wardrobe that can be worn for more than one season, don't you? Plus, how perfect is this darker statement of a flower top... You can wear it for a summer vibe or even grunge feels, just add different accessories and a cool rocker skirt to add it up the notch. Play mix and match, it always helps!

Nowadays, I've been reading a lot of comments about "Can men wear florals?" "Will flowers really take root in men's wardrobes?" Why not? Not a big deal. From roses on rucksacks to tulips on T-shirts, floral prints are one of this season's biggest menswear trends, seen everywhere from Topman to Dries Van Noten - one of the biggest names in the fashion industry channelling for menswear apparels. Not to mention for women, florals has always been an essential, a necessity. Whether it's a vintage looking floral dress or even a leather jacket embroidered floral on top, you name it. 

Had to go to this newly open cafe around the corner of the city for pictures, Slice of Cali. The place and ambiance reminds me of a retro yet Cuban tropical vibes. Meat me up! Surprisingly good pizza, a compliment from someone who have 0/100 fetish for it sometimes. My favorite dish would be, their mouth watering cheese fries, best combination.

I'm that type of person who always wanted to do everything, yet nothing at all. It's funny how sometimes we want to look on a different perspective in the public eye, not showing who we truly are. What's wrong with sharing your insecurities or even "life complaints", we all don't wanna be seen as a weak person but always remember this one thing that's for sure, there's no rainbow without a little rain and there's no sunset without the ending of a beautiful day.

Most asked questions through Instagram DMs and my Sarahah account I just made this past few weeks. If you don't know yet, Sarahah is a way to discover your strengths and areas of improvement by receiving honest feedback from people around you in a private manner, meaning I have no idea who it is from. You can always ask me anything through my account, simply click this link and I'll do my best to reply them through this blog or elsewhere. How do I manage to keep track on blogging regardless of my work life? Do I take a weekend off just because I'm "The Boss" doesn't mean everything can and should work out that way, don't they? So let me tell you a story...

Reminiscing the past, I remembered my internship life on an every daily basis. The only thing I'm always looking forward to is that "O" sign next to my name on the calendar. Meaning it's my day off, no work just hanging out with friends, having the time of our lives like there's no tomorrow. Now, things have changed for me. Sometimes I feel like my mental age is older than how reality hits me as it is, and I like that, somehow. What I'm trying to say here, sometimes we took things for granted. What we once recklessly take a "easy peasy" over maybe that's all we ever wanted. At this very moment, I feel like having a lot of free time gave me insecurities. Why am I not doing this, and doing that? Why am I not making changes in my life? I love being a busy bee, knowing that I'm making progress one step at a time and continuing to do so believing in His plan. Time passes by so fast, it's ticking in just a blink of an eye. Carpe diem, seize the moment, own it, do what you love - love what you do. "Don't wish for success, work for it." "Do what you love and it will never be work." "It won't work unless you do." 3 phrases that keeps me going. What about yours?

So if this haven't answered you, readers questions just yet. Always set new goals every week, in that way you know your phase, where you're at the moment. It's like going back to one of those college days when submissions are what we're always terrified of. If you don't time limit yourself then when? Know your worth, even when sometimes you have to let go what weighs you down. That's what I do to manage time between blogging and work, and luckily both are in the same page chanelling in the fashion industry. Although what I'm currently doing, already is a hobby... I always make time for other hobbies that I didn't get to experience through work and by blogging. As for me, playing musical instruments  or simply going to the gym or dance classes - living a healthy and steady life gives me a peace of mind. Not only that, people surrounding me, families and friends, their love and support is a never ending cycle. I think by giving up on something, it's disrespectful to the person who believed in you - and to yourself.  Some people may have their different ways of finding outer and inner peace but maybe by trying out different stuffs, you'll eventually find yours. Who knows? You'll never know until you try.
"Look up more than down. See more than say. Listen more than speak. Hope more than dread. Believe more than criticize. Yes more than no. No more than maybe. Love more than hate. See more. See."
Eyewear - Zara
Top - Stradivarius
Pants - New Look
Love bracelet - Cartier
Earrings & Choker - Lovisa

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Secret Garden

"Her heart was a secret garden and her walls were very high." 
-Le Gassick

I grow plants for so many reasons; to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience for novelty, or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy of seeing them grow. They say, bloom where you are planted. What if you're not familiar with your roots, your surroundings? Stop questioning and start doing, take a leap of faith in every step you take, that's what I kept telling myself. As simple as this saying, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. 

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Outfit - ASOS

Friday, August 18, 2017


Red roses and white lies, lit up something inside of me I had thought long dead. Remember watching those 80s oldie romantic movies back in the days? This photoshoot we did reminds me of one of those scenes where a girl or a boy would stroll in a field full of flowers... Petals unfurl from a delicate flower, closer to picked with each passing hour, losing the I and gaining an our. Love me, love me not. I think we ran out of petals?

Apologize for the lack of posts on the blog, been a busy bee lately. Nevertheless, crossing fingers to consistency. Not to brag but this would be one of those photoshoots I put much effort into in such a long time, speaking of which had to legitimately went to a flower shop and surprise, it was my first experience, not bad for a first timer. Photo credits to Abraham Halim who's always down into any crazy or silly photoshoot ideas I had in mind. Laced up from head to toe in Victoria's Secret, black on black - always good to go.

Outfit - Victoria's Secret

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rodeo Ready

Reminiscing the past, reminds me of how much I love to play dress up. Remember one of those days? People would always ask you "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" My answer was plain old simple, not knowing how complicated it's going to be. The innocent side of me said "I wanna be a doctor one day and save people's lives the other side of me said "How about a pilot so I can travel all around the world regardless of my fear of heights?" Painter? Since I love art and how that it doesn't only tell stories but also evoke feelings. But then why must I choose when two is better than one? Call me a weirdo but I like to question myself since I was a little girl until now at all hours of the day - maybe it's just a habit of mine, "What if, why, when and how?" I believe talking to yourself makes you a much more happier person (at least that's what I did to solve my problems in life) and well, smarter. It's funny how we, human beings took things for granted. Now that I'm mature enough to settle things on my own, I wish I'm a kid again who always thought that I know it all - well, sometimes. You get me?

As time passes by, I see the world and value different things in life. I have trust issues, not because someone betrayed me in the past but just because I'm that typical who listens more rather than speak - if this doesn't make total sense, read carefully. Maybe, listening too much of my friend's stories about how cruel some people could be terrified me in the fact that I don't ever wanna be in that position of feeling betrayed(?) Okay, maybe only "a pea in a pot" kind of problem back then, no big deal. Spooky but I analyzed people based on first impressions, don't get me wrong but what you seemed is usually what you get. Have more than you show, speak less than you know. So, did I just literally wrote long sentences of life complaints? Just imagine how beautiful life could be to share happiness, sadness and weirdness all at the same time & I'm just glad and feeling blessed to be surrounded by positive minded people around me. Like what they say, b* don't kill my vibe.

Back to the main topic, never knew that "playing" turns to "passion" - let's dress up! This may sound bad but I like to collect clothing that I have no idea where and when to wear them. Believe not, if you're a girl I bet I'm not the only one. "Just in case" yeah that's what I kept telling myself too. I always love bohemian style, fringes - tassels they're just stylish in their own way. In my hometown, you can't necessarily be seen going out with these kind of essentials on, unless you want to be called quirky that is. So, I was really happy when there's this country rock music event going on recently - turns out those "just in case" works just like a spark. What do you think? Keep scrolling down. 


It wasn't my first time being in this kind of event, if you follow me on my Instagram before you'll see one or two posts about it. Sometimes I'm channelling a rather more "fun", "feminine" side of bohemian style or the other way around - just simple monochrome. People really do dress up in this kind of event, didn't bring my cowboy hat along with me this time around - mainstream but yes it's the most essential part of a rodeo event. Vintage feels, going for brown hues since that's what it's identical with.

Had this bag as long as I can remember. Swarovski embellished bag by a London based designer. Anyway, do you believe that old is gold? Because I do.

Top - Zara
Bag - Swarovski
Pants - Miss Selfridge
Fringe vest - H&M x Coachella
Suede boots - Stuart Weitzman

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Arabian Heat

A message in a bottle. No one truly knows who they are. The glass bottle does not know its own contents. It has no idea whether it is a vessel for the most delicious apple cider, a lovingly crafted wine, or a bitter poison. People are the same. Yet like the bottle, we are transparent. We can't see ourselves the way others see us. Have you ever felt so stressed out you just need a little glimpse of escape from reality? I guess I'm in that phase in life. Trying to find myself in a world full of terrifying delusions. It's like waiting for a bottle floating out at sea, one that contains a very important message. It may never reach its recipient, but as long as there is someone waiting, it will always have purpose. What I'm trying to say here, where will all of this take me? 

I always believe in this phrase "Everything happens for a reason." but don't you sometimes wish you know what the reason was? As time passes by I realized a lot of things in life, both the good(s) that made me a better person and the bad(s) that made me think twice. What goes around comes back around, am I right? 

Same old same old, if you follow me on my social media this might not be something new. I always post a photo right after I published a new archive and announced that it's finally up on the blog. Most of you DM-ed me and emailed how inspiring and thoughtful it was to share my own experiences and well should I say, things I wanted to say but never did? It made my day to hear such positive responses, the fact that this is a fashion blog platform does not always mean you can't share a lil' something that goes into your mind at all hours of the day... So, thank you eventhough I ditch blogging for about 2 years - never knew that words can be so powerful for other people around me. It's funny, don't you think? When it's hard to say the things tumbling on a mind but it just seems way easier to write it all down, for me that is. I guess I found my little glimpse of escape from reality I was talking about earlier. Bittersweet.

Make up on set by my talented friend, Fei and photo credits to Abraham Halim.

Top & Pants - Retro
Earrings - Accessorize
Love Bracelet - Cartier 
Outerwear - Pull & Bear